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The role of community has always been paramount in my life, whether at home in Anacostia or overseas in my work as a U.S. diplomat. A resident of Anacostia since 2010, I am passionate about restoring abandoned and dilapidated residential properties. My activism has also engaged city leaders to support values of equality, inclusion, and community.

When I first moved to Anacostia, I began a blog to document my home’s renovation. As I wrote in March 2011, “[my home’s] run-down state illustrates exhaustion and neglect, and for too long the ability to find resonance in an area of the District many continue to associate with these same characteristics.”


In the years that have passed, many homes that once stood abandoned are now filled with life. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists have also taken root, fostering a community that remains diverse and vibrant.

There is an energy within Anacostia that grows with each passing day – an energy rooted in community, creativity, and respect.


Anacostia – alongside other East of the River neighborhoods – should not remain a place to be avoided rather than one to proudly call home. The District of Columbia government needs to play a key role in this effort, and as their Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner I am committed to continue serving 8A06 residents on issues of importance.


Born in New York to Polish immigrants, I received a degree in political science from the University of Notre Dame and completed my Master of Public Administration at Columbia University. Outside my professional activities, I enjoy running the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail (I proudly call myself a Summit to Soul #hillrunner, too), fostering dogs through Rural Dog Rescue or dancing to the latest rendition of “Baby Shark” with my nephew. Together with my partner, we are proud parents to nine hens and two pups. 



Stronger, Together

Why do you think you are the best person to represent 8A06?

As a candidate, I pledge to be of service to others. I am running for the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner position because as a community I know that we want to prevent violence, we want our children to have a high-quality education, we want to fight for justice.

These are shared responsibilities and require us to see beyond ourselves because we are stronger together. I am running for the 8A06 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner position because together as a community we have to do the hard work to achieve the future we collectively want.

While I have been a resident of Anacostia since 2010, I understand my story of homeownership and my socioeconomic status are still the exception, and not the norm. However, I am not only passionate about the well-being of my neighbors but I also have both the expertise in policy advocacy and a positive track record of actions taken to date to support my SMD.



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Kristina "K" Leszczak

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