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My Community Involvement

  • Anacostia Nip and Sip volunteer to meet long-time residents, and new neighbors

  • Anacostia Trash Clean Up organizer and participant

  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program member to support black farmers

  • Testimony provided to champion the urgent need to rehabilitate four vacant, derelict homes in Historic Anacostia by the L’Enfant Trust

  • The Mission Continues MLK Day "Hands On DC" volunteer to re-paint local classrooms

  • Letter campaign organizer to ensure tax increment financing (TIF) legislation increased community benefits of the eight-acre Reunion Square development in Historic Anacostia

March 2011 I say, “Hello, Anacostia”
I am a new homeowner—today marks just under 2.5 months of homeownership. At the advanced age of ninety-five, my home is neither naïve in 
 Washington, DC 20020. While MLS power-searching homes in the District that were within my modest means, I decided one day to allow www.trulia.com and www.redfin.com to show me all homes on the market, regardless of their price. As I browsed through my results, I saw a beautifully renovated home in Historic Anacostia. Located just across the river—like the Brooklyn of my once hometown of New York—it was only upon closer inspection that I learned of President Obama’s campaign stop here to assert his authority as an anti-poverty crusader and of the endemic poverty and high crime rates plaguing this D.C. suburb. Not one to take my research lightly, I found another website that offered a different view of the East of the River neighborhood—David Garber’s And Now, Anacostia. In his very first post, he writes: “There’s a wind a’blowing in anacostia. a handful of new investments are coming that together make a lot of promises: beautiful streets, more jobs, better quality of life. / it’s coming as streetcars, stadiums (maybe), bridges, storefronts, and sidewalks, and it’s going to paint a fresh face on this full of life but oft-forgotten (and avoided) neighborhood. / this blog exists to document that change.” I am of the belief that simple acts can effect change. If a blog could gently nudge me to venture out into that “oft-forgotten (and avoided) neighborhood,” just imagine what power we all have to effect change—to help communities grow, and prosper. As I document my first-time home buying and renovating tips, tricks, and fumbles, I invite past, present, and future homeowners to consider how their investments can change a community. I also invite those of a myopic viewpoint—on both sides of the Anacostia River—to do the same. Original Post - March 2011...



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Kristina "K" Leszczak

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